Testi informativi su Cookie e Privacy

What are cookies?

Cookies are simply text files that contain information that is sent to your browser and stored on the device used by you every time you visit a website. To each shortcut cookies pass information back to the referring site.

Cookies, depending on their duration, can be divided into:

Permanent (persistent cookies): stay on your computer until you delete them

temporary (session cookies): are disabled when browser is closed

Cookies can also be first party cookies if set by the visited site, or third-party cookies if made by a site other than the one visited.


Cookies and their use

We use cookies to improve our users ‘ experience while browsing: they allow us to offer easier navigation to the user, remembering your preferences and provide you with an optimal Web experience.

Cookies used and their purpose

Technical cookies

These cookies are essential to enable the user to navigate the site and use the services you request, such as access to secure areas of the website. Are all cookies readable only by the site domain because we are created by the operator. Article 122, paragraph 1 of the ePrivacy Directive provides for the free use of such cookies, without prejudice to the statement.

Cookies are first party cookies (technical) and can be permanent or temporary. We use this type of cookie to manage registration and user logon, the preference to the language of the site and other navigation-related parameters closely. Their purpose is to make navigation more “custom” as possible, so easier. Without these cookies the user may not access the services required and our sites may present malfunctions. Important to note that these cookies collect information in an anonymous form and is not used to track user navigation on other sites.

These cookies can be temporary or permanent. Their purpose is to remind individual choices made by users to improve their browsing experience.

Performance cookies (or analytical)

The performance cookies collect information about using a site from users who they navigate: visits, language, geographic origin, duration of visit, etc. These cookiesdo not store data identifying individual visitors, but only aggregated and anonymously. Mainly used for statistical purposes to analyze the flow of audiences on a site.

These cookies can be either permanent or temporary, of first or third parties. In essence, these cookies collect anonymous information about the pages you visit and the advertisements displayed (if any).


Other third party cookies

On certain pages of our site can appear embedded media services like YouTube or Facebook. We cannot control the cookies used by these services, for information about these cookies please refer to the information of the individual services.

Manage cookies

Through your browser settings you can limit, block or delete cookies. The procedure varies depending on the browser used. For detailed instructions, here are the links to the major browsers on the market.

Internet Explorer


Google Chrome



Safari iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

If your browser is not among those offered, select the “help” function on your web browser for information on how to proceed.

Warning: certain sections of our sites can only be accessed by enabling cookies; turning them off the user may experience a partial navigation on our websites, without being able to fully appreciate the features and content.